The Science of Chocolate

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The Science of Chocolate
2nd Edition

The Science of Chocolate
2nd Edition

Stephen T Beckett
Formerly Nestle´ Product Technology Center, York, UK

ISBN: 978-0-85404-970-7
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In 1988 I wrote a paper for School Science Review, in which I
described some of the science involved in chocolate making and
followed this by two experiments that could be tried in the classroom. As a result of this I received letters from both pupils and
teachers requesting more information or new experiments to try.
Subsequently I was contacted by Chris Butlin, who was then
developing a food option for the Salters’ Physics Advanced Level
course. This resulted in some of the science of chocolate being
included in this option. The numerous talks given by my colleagues
and myself to junior schools, societies and universities also convinced me that there was a genuine interest in this topic and that
people were not just coming for the free samples.
When, therefore, the Royal Society of Chemistry asked me if I
would write a full book on this topic, aimed at schools and
universities, I agreed to do so, without realising the amount of
work involved. It was very gratifying, however, to learn in 2006
that the sales were such that a second edition of the book was
required. Several people had commented that they wished to know
more about the health and nutrition aspects of chocol...
The Science of Chocolate
2nd Edition
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