Weathering Stee;

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Weathering Steel

Weathering Steel

Brian McMahon, P.E.
NYSDOT – Regional Design Engineer
1530 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623

Richard McFadden, P.E.
NYSDOT, Region 4
Ontario Residency

Weathering steel is NYSDOT’s first choice for steel multi-girder bridges under most conditions.
This decision has been made in part because of the cost savings that can be realized due to
decreased painting and maintenance requirements. However, recent studies have shown that
this may not always be the case. This presentation will discuss some situations where bridges
with weathering steel are underperforming and whether or not the situation can be rectified for
future applications.
About the Presenters:
Brian McMahon is currently the Regional Design Engineer for NYSDOT in Rochester. During
his 19 year career at NYSDOT he has also served as a Regional Structures Engineer and
Engineer-In-Charge. He has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre
Dame, and an MBA in Management from Syracuse University.
Rich McFadden has been employed as an engineer for the New York State Department of
Transportation for 21 years. He is currently on temporary assignment as the Assistant
Resident Engineer for the Ontario/Wayne County Transportation Maintenance Residency. He
has 8 years of experience as a highway designer and 13 years experience as a bridge design
squad supervisor including time spent as Acting Regional Structures Engineer. He has had
varied engineering design experience throughout his career including major interstate
interchanges to lift bridge rehabilitations and major bridge rehabilitations and replacements.
Mr. McFadden has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering from
Clarkson University.

So What Do You Do?
• Is the sky falling because you are loosing section
loss a lot quicker than advertised?
• Are you going to get the full design life of the
bridge of 70 years?

Where is the problem?
• Is the section loss occurring at a joint with easy
• Is the problem at midspan over a busy road?

Painting Could Be A Solution

Weathering Steel
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