Wireless Communication

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Introduction to Wireless
Communication Systems

he ability to communicate with people on
the move has evolved remarkably since Guglielmo Marconi first demonstrated
radio's ability to provide continuous contact with ships sailing the English channel. That wis in 1897, and since then new wireless communications methods
and services have been enthusiastically adopted by people throughout the world.
Particularly during the past ten years, the mobile radio communications industry has grown by orders of magnitude, fueled by digital and RF circuit fabrication improvements, new large-scale circuit integration, and other

miniaturization technologies which make portable radio equipment smaller,
cheaper, and more reliable. Digital switching techniques have facilitated the
large scale deployment of affordable, easy-to-use radio communication networks.
These trends will continue at an even greater pace during the next decade.

Evolution of Mobile Radio Communications
A brief history of the evolution of mobile communications throughout the

world is useful in order to appreciate the enormous impact that cellular radio
and personal communication services (PCS) will have on all of us over the next
several decades. It is also useful for a newcomer to the cellular radio field to
understand the tremendous impact that government regulatory agencies and
service competitors wield in the evolution of new wireless systems, services, and
technologies. While it is not the intent of this text to deal with the techno-political aspects of cellular radio and personal communications, techno-politics are a
fimdamental driver in the evolution of new technology and services, since radio
spectrum usage is controlled by governments, not by service providers, equipment manufacturers, entrepreneurs, or researchers. Progressive involvement in

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Ch. 1 • Introduction to Wireless Communication Systems

technology development is vital for a government if it hopes to keep its own coun-

try competitive in the rapidly changing field of wireless personal communications.

Wireless communications is enjoying its fastest growth period in history,
due to enabling technologies which permit wide spread deployment. Historically.
growth in the mobile communications field has come slowly, and has been coupled closely to technological improvements. The ability to provide wireless commu...
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