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1. Home and family
8. Houses
2. Learning a foreign language
9. Holidays
3. Transport
10. Social problems
4. Hobbies and entertainment
11. Economic development
5. Sport and games
12. Environment
6. Health and welfare
13. Food
7. Education
14. Fashion
1. Home and family (Gia đình).
My name is TVC. I come from Thai Binh. I was born in a big family with my
grandmother, my parents and my two brothers.
My gandmother is a kind and beautiful old women. She always tells me old stories
and teaches me how to cook. It is good for my life in the future.
My parents have a small restaurant. Everyday, they must work very hard to earn
My older brother is an engineer of informatic technology. Now, he is working in Mobi
company. I like him so much because he gives me some money every month.
My younger brother is a student. Now, he is studying at Ha Noi University of
Aricutule. He wants to study further with a scholarship in a famous country after
graduation. My brothers are very intelligent. I am always proud of my family.
I like the atmosphere in my family. We have dinner together every day. We often talk
about our work, the weather, educating children during the meal. After dinner, we watch
the news and films. Sometimes, we comment on the content of the films or football
Moreover, we go on holiday once a year. We enjoy many activities together on the
beach or in the mountains. I happy, beaucause I have a wonderfull family.
informatic infə:'mætik technology: kỹ sư công nghệ thông tin
further 'fə:đə] (học bổng)
scholarship 'skɔlə∫ip
graduation grædʒu'ei∫n:
proud praud(hãnh diện)
atmosphere 'ætməsfiə
comment 'kɔment (bình luận
2. Learning foreign language: Học ngôn ngữ nước ngoài)
Nowadays, learning foreign languages is very important, especially English.
English is very necessary in social communication in many countries. There are some
advantages of learning English.
Firstly, if you are good at E, you can read any document that is necessary for
your study.
Secondly, you can find a good job with a high salary with good E skill.
Furthermore, nowadays, E is a global language. Learning E will help you to
communicate with foreign people from around the world more easily. It also helps you
open your mind.
As for me, I am not good at English but I will spend more time on English in the
near future. I believe my E skill will be better if I am hard-working.
foreign 'fɔrin
in social 'sou∫l (tính xã hội)
necessary '...
12. Environment
As you know, Vietnam is a developing country so the development of industry is
very important. As a result, the environment is polluted.
There are many kinds of pollution like air pollution, water, soil, etc…
In my opinion, air polluion is the most serious. Smoke from factories store many
kinds of toxics such as CO
, CO, NH
It effects animals, plants and people’s life. Plants and animals near industrial zones
can not grow normally. Especially, air pollution cause a lot of serious diseases such as
lung cancer, skin cancer and other diseases.
From my point of view, developing economy is very important but we must
balance between benefit and damage.
We should protect our environment by planting more and more trees, cleaning the
environment. Another sollution is educating people about benefits of the clean/ fresh
industry công nghiệp
13. Food:
I’m going to tell you about my favourite food.
As you know, Vietnam is a tropical country. There are a lot of tropical foods.
My favourite food is beef noodle. It is made of rice, beef, and many kinds of
herbs. I usually eat beef noodle in the morning. My favourite restaurant is Cuong
Noodle. It is a small restaurant located on Tran Hung Dao street.
Whenever I eat beef noodle, it always makes me have a special taste. Hanoi is
famous for beef noodle. What’s more, it is also well- known for a lot of delicious foods.
For example Omai, grilled rice….
At home, my mother makes beef noodle very well. She often makes it when my
family get together. We enjoy the happy time when we have beef noodle at home.
many kinds of herbs cỏ thảo môc
14. Fashion:
You can see me, I am not a famous man, I’m a traditional man so my knowledge
about fashion is not very much.
In my opinion, fashion is something make people more beautiful and more
charming. Fashion usually is made by young people.
Nowaday, teenage usually wear exceptional clothers and those clothers have
many colour. Their hair are also dyed with many colours, for example red, brown, or
even green. Fashion is not very common in middle-age person and old people never
follow fation.
In my way of thinking, Fashion is very good for every people but we must follow
it by a right way.
teenage (thanh thiếu niên) exceptional (khác người)
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