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I am an eleven year old Indian girl. I come from a family of three. I have two elder
brothers. Both my parents are teachers. I am a primary six student at Fairfield Primary
School. My complexion1 is light brown and I have dark, short hair.
I am very hardworking and always try to get the best grades in class. I must get a good
education to fulfil2 my ambition3. My ambition is to be a nurse. I like to take care of the
sick and old.
I dislike outdoor activities and rarely participate4 in games. I enjoy doing things with
my hands, like painting, gardening and sometimes I try simple cooking. I spend my free
time in our small garden. I grow all kinds of plants in my garden. There are rose plants,
hibiscus5 and morning glory6 Sometimes I help my mother with the windows. I dust the
furnitures, iron the clothes and clean the windows.
My best friend is John. He lives in our neighbourhood. We go to the same school. On
Sundays John comes to my house to play with me.
My parents love me very much and give me the best of everything. I am a very happy
little girl.
1. complexion /k6m'plek~n/ (n) maøu saéc vaø veû töï nhieân cuûa da – nöôùc da
2. fulfil /f$l'f1l/ (v) thoûa maõn, ñaùp öùng (moät nguyeän voïng, nhu caàu v.v…)
3. ambition /%m'b1~n/ (n) tham voïng, hoaøi baõo
4. participate /p@:'t1s1pe1t/ (v) tham gia vaøo (moät hoaït ñoäng)
5. hibiscus /h1'b1sk6s/ (n) caây daâm buït
6. morning glory /,m0:n17 '9l0:r1/ (n) caây bìm bòp hoa tía

If you ever see a tall and skinny Chinese boy with a mole1 on his chin, you will know
that it's me. My name is Fang Yaorong and I will be twelve on the first of June this year.
I wear thick glasses because I did not take proper care of my eye-sight when I was
I attend school in the morning session2 at Ghim Moh Primary School. My school is
within a stone's throw3 of my house. Every morning, I walk to school with my
neighbour, John, who is also my class-mate.
My hobbies are playing football and assembling4 model aeroplanes. I am very proud of
my model aeroplane collection. Most of the models were given to me as presents over
the years. The rest were bought with the pocket-money I saved.
As the eldest child in the family, I always try to set a good example5 for my twin sisters.
My parents often praise me for being a obedient boy. When I grow up, I want to be a
doctor. I want to be able to cure6 patients. In order to fulfil my ambition, I must study
hard to go to the university.
1. mole /m6$l/ (n) ...
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