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vexed (VEKST) adj. 1. irritated, distressed, or annoyed. 2. much
discussed or debated.
colporteur (KAWL-por-ter) n. a peddler of religious books.

meatus (mee-A-tes) n. a body opening or passage, such as the opening
of the ear.

relume (ri-LOOM) v. to make bright or clear again; illuminate
cachinnation (kak-ah-NA-shen) n. a loud, hard, convulsive laugh;
a guffaw.
nefarious (nah-FAR-ee-es) adj. extremely wicked; villainous;

pococurante (poh-koh-koo-RAN-tee) n. one who does not care.

personalia (per-sah-NA-lee-ah) n. 1. personal allusions or
references. 2. personal belongings or affairs.
swivet (SWIV-it) n. a state of anxiety, discomposure or agitation;
tizzy (usually used in the phrase "in a swivet".
imputable (im-PYOO-tah-ble) adj. possible to impute or ascribe;
sweetmeat (SWEET-meet) n. a candy, confectionery, or sweet
food often served at the end of a meal or with tea.

missish (MIS-ish) adj. prudish.

escarpment (i-SKARP-ment) n. 1. a steep slope or long cliff that
results from erosion or faulting and separates two relatively level
areas of differing elevations. 2. a steep slope in front of a
alexia (ah-LEK-see-ah) n. loss of the ability to read.

tectonics (tek-TON-iks) n. 1. the study of the earth's structural
features. 2. the art or science of building or construction.
requiescat (rek-wee-ES-kat) n. a prayer for the repose of the
perfidious (per-FID-ee-es) adj. , relating to, or marked by perfidy;
treacherous; tending to betray; disloyal.

salacious (sah-LA-shes) adj. 1. appealing to or stimulating sexual desire.
2. lustful; bawdy.
indicant (IN-di-kant) n. something, such as a typographical
device, that serves to indicate.
intrepid (in-TREP-id) adj. resolutely courageous; fearless.
abditory (AB-di-tor-ee) n. a place to hide something, valuables,
roister (ROI-ster) v. 1. to engage in boisterous merrymaking;
revel nosily. 2. to behave in a blustering manner; swagger.
atlantean (at-lan-TEE-an) adj. of or relating to Atlas; having great
tenebrous (TEN-ah-bres) adj. dark and gloomy.
misandrist (miz-AN-drist) n. one who hates men.

tmesis (TMEE-sis) n. a rhetorical figure in which one word is made
into two (im possible; a nother) or a word or phrase is added
between parts of a compound word or between syllables of a word
(where I go ever; abso-bloody-lutely; a whole nother).

dolorous (DOH-ler-es) adj. very sorrowful or sad; mournful.
mysophobia (my-sah-FOH-bee-ah) n. a fear of...
colporteur n. !"!#$
meatusn. # # #
pococurante $$-(n.+
personalia (!n. !!!
" !!##*
swivet0n.". #'
11!! 2+)2
imputable34%%!adj. ! '
missish&0adj. 
escarpment-3n. ! !#!*
!""!# +!)!!)!
"*#!) ! ""
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