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雅思 8 分作文解决方案
A Solution to Score 8 in IELTS Writing

孙肇春 著

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无忧雅思网 助我越重洋

孙肇春,1971 年生于山东烟台,1999 年毕业于广东外语外贸大学博士点(原广州外国
兴趣和较深的研究,喜欢英美文学和欧洲文化史。2000 年在暨南大学任教,曾担任口译、
英美散文欣赏等课程。2001 年辞职。现任深圳环球雅思学校校长,主讲雅思写作、阅读和
座右铭:If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

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无忧雅思网 助我越重洋

Building upon my experience as an IELTS writing teacher and professional writer, I collected
abundant writing materials authentic from test centers and other media. This book is the result of a
combination of two years of teaching experience and the research of IELTS writing skills, built
upon equally as many hours creating original writing samples to students preparing to take their
IELTS test. This book has been developed to be used in the classroom and for self-study.
The book covers both the General Training and Academic test. Using a step-by-step approach,
a detailed explanation of how to approach writing in IELTS is given, with each unit concentrating
on one particular aspect of the writing test. The exercises are designed to teach the required skills,
focusing on practical application of knowledge. Model answers are also included for students to
compare their own writing against, thereby gradually guiding students in wring articles that fully
meet the requirements of the IELTS writing test in every aspect.
The materials in this book are all authentic, keeping the original style and content. The book
is very helpful for the students who are planning to take the IELTS test. The book also gives a
prediction of the IELTS in 2003, covering any possible topics which are commonly seen in the test.

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无忧雅思网 助我越重洋

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Version 80
Some British families decide not to buy televisions because they influence the development of
the creativity of children. What do you think?
With the rapid development of science and technology, television, as a new invention in the
20 century is becoming very populous in people’s life. People can be informed of the latest news
and enjoy the colorful programs at home. In my opinion, television will not affect children’s
creativity as exaggerated.
Firstly, television is the most effective tool to inform children of the latest news and scientific
无忧雅思网 助我越重洋
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雅思 8 分作文解决方案
A Solution to Score 8 in IELTS Writing
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