A Students Introduction to English Grammar

Được đăng lên bởi Tobias Shandy
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A Student's Introduction to English Grammar
Thi s groundbreaking undergraduate textbook on



English grammar is the first to be based on the revolutionary advances of
the authors' previous work, The Cambridge Grammar of the English
Language (2002), winner of the 2004 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award of
the Linguistic Society of America. The analyses defended there are out­
lined here more briefly, in an engagingly accessible and informal style.
Errors of the older tradition of English grammar are noted and corrected,
and the excesses of prescriptive usage manuals are firmly rebutted in spe­
cially highlighted notes that explain what older authorities have called
'incorrect' and show why those authorities are mistaken.
This book is intended for students in colleges or universities who have
little or no previous background i n grammar, and presupposes no linguis­
tics. It contains exercises and a wealth of other features, and will provide
a basis for introductions to grammar and courses on the structure of
English not only in linguistics departments but also in English language
and literature departments and schools of education. Students will achieve
an accurate understanding of grammar that will both enhance their lan­
guage skills and provide a solid grounding for further linguistic study.

Student's Introduction to
English Grammar

Ullil'ersity of Queensland

Ulliversity ()f Caliji)mia, Santa Cru�




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A Students Introduction to English Grammar - Người đăng: Tobias Shandy
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