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Building Skills for the TOEFL iBT


Listening Section / Speaking Section / Writing Section


Note: Highlighting indicates a repeated listening sample.

Chapter 1

W: Thanks! OK... it’s 9.1 centimeters tall and 5 centimeters wide.
Just what I need!

Skill A

05 Anthropology

01 Campus Life


I’m worried about my girlfriend.
Why is that?
She thinks she’s too fat.
Is she?
No, but she keeps skipping meals. Then, she only eats chips
and drinks cola.
I used to do that. It’s called binging. It was no fun!
Why did you stop doing it?
Well, my doctor told me to eat when I’m hungry. She said, “Eat
till you’re full or you’ll eat too much later.” She said a lot of girls
ruin their health this way.
Did she say what to eat?
She said, “Eat fruit, vegetables, meats, and grains. Have regular
meals and snacks. Get exercise, too.”

02 Music History
M: We know that Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in
Bonn, Germany, but we are uncertain of the month. Beethoven
wrote hundreds of songs. One of his most famous is his Fifth
Symphony. The first four notes go like this: dah dah dah da!
Almost everyone recognizes them.
He was the first to use trombones in a symphony. At age 28,
he began to go deaf. Yet, he kept on writing and conducting.
He never got married. But after he died, friends found some
love letters. We don’t know who he wrote them to. Beethoven
died in 1827.

03 Biology
W: OK...let’s talk about animals we don’t see in the winter. Many
animals hibernate during the cold months of the year. Basically,
they go to sleep. Some animals hibernate in holes in the
ground. Others sleep in caves, under bushes, or at the base of
trees. Bears hibernate. So do cold-blooded animals, like frogs
and snakes.
When animals are hibernating, it seems like they’re dead. They
have slow heartbeats, and they almost stop breathing. They
have stored extra energy and fat to keep them alive. By the end
of winter, they are very weak. They must eat soon after waking

04 Campus Life
M: Hey Julie, what’s up?
W: Hi, Brian. Taking a break from studying. I’m surfing the Internet
for an MP3 player.
M: Do you like the iPod?
W: Yes, but I need a really small one.
M: Oh, it’s small!
W: Really? Someone told me it holds 5,000 songs!
M: It’s 3.6 inches tall and two inches wide. I have one.
W: What’s that in centimeters?
M: The math textbook says one inch is 2.54 centimeters.
W: OK, so first I need to multiply 3.6 by 2.54.
M: Here! Use m...
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Building Skills for the TOEFL
Listening Section / Speaking Section / Writing Section
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