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Describe the first day of your school.
Describe the first day of your school 
Today is the first day of school. The three months of vacation in the 
country have passed like a dream. This morning, I was returning to 
I was thinking of the country, and went unwillingly. The streets were 
swarming with pupils. The two bookshops were thronged with persons 
who were purchasing books, copy­books and school­outfit. In front of the 
school, so many people had collected, that the beadle and the policeman 
found it hard to keep the entrance clear. Near the door, I feft myself 
touched on the shoulder; it was my master of the eleventh grade, 
cheerful as usual, and he said to me:
­ "So we are to part forever, Henry!"
I knew it well, yet the words pained me. We made our way in with 
difficulty. Pupils of all ages filled the anteroom and the stairs,
making such a buzzing, that it seemed like entering a theatre. I was glad 
to see once more that large room on the ground floor, where I had 
passed nearly every day for three years. There was a throng 
of teachers going and coming. My school­mistress of the
last year greeted me from the door of the class room, and said:
­ "Henry, you are going to the floor above, this year. I shall not even see 
you pass by any more !". And she gazed regretfully at me.
At ten o'clock, we were all in our classes. The school seemed so small 
and gloomy to me when I thought of the woods and the mountains 
where I had passed the summer. I thought again, too, of my previous 
master who was so good, and who always smiled
at us. Our present teacher is tall; he has no beard; his hair is gray and 
long. He has a big voice, and he looks at us fixedly, one after the other, 
as though he were reading our very thoughts, and he never smiles.
I said to myself: "This is my first day. There are nine months more. What 
work, what monthly examinations, what weariness and whatever will 
be !"

For good impression at a job interview
What should we do to make a good impression at a 
job interview?

Photo: Jake failed in his interview
It is a bit important to know how to introduce yourself in a job 
interview. Then, prepare answers to some questions that might be given 
by interviewers. Last year, my cousin, Jake, went to a bank to apply for a 
job. As you know, when you apply for a job, you must be ready to 
answer a lot of question. Some of the questions that an interviewer may 
ask you include: educational background, previous jobs, and salaries you...
Describe the first day of your school.
Describe the first day of your school
Today is the first day of school. The three months of vacation in the
country have passed like a dream. This morning, I was returning to
I was thinking of the country, and went unwillingly. The streets were
swarming with pupils. The two bookshops were thronged with persons
who were purchasing books, copy-books and school-outfit. In front of the
school, so many people had collected, that the beadle and the policeman
found it hard to keep the entrance clear. Near the door, I feft myself
touched on the shoulder; it was my master of the eleventh grade,
cheerful as usual, and he said to me:
- "So we are to part forever, Henry!"
I knew it well, yet the words pained me. We made our way in with
difficulty. Pupils of all ages filled the anteroom and the stairs,
making such a buzzing, that it seemed like entering a theatre. I was glad
to see once more that large room on the ground floor, where I had
passed nearly every day for three years. There was a throng
of teachers going and coming. My school-mistress of the
last year greeted me from the door of the class room, and said:
- "Henry, you are going to the floor above, this year. I shall not even see
you pass by any more !". And she gazed regretfully at me.
At ten o'clock, we were all in our classes. The school seemed so small
and gloomy to me when I thought of the woods and the mountains
where I had passed the summer. I thought again, too, of my previous
master who was so good, and who always smiled
at us. Our present teacher is tall; he has no beard; his hair is gray and
long. He has a big voice, and he looks at us fixedly, one after the other,
as though he were reading our very thoughts, and he never smiles.
I said to myself: "This is my first day. There are nine months more. What
work, what monthly examinations, what weariness and whatever will
be !"
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