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Operating System

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1. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang
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Linux operating system
1. History of Linux

In 1991, while studying at the University of Helsinki, Linus Torvalds began he got the idea for a new
operating system replaces the old operating system of the current education system. Therefore he started
to write the first line of Linux, laid the foundation for the strong development of the Linux operating
system now.
2. Advantage and Defect
- Advantage:
+ Copyright:

Currently, in Vietnam, in particular, the percentage of pirated Windows user account for a very high
figure. And if you're a man of principle and great attention to copyright issues, then surely you would be
very hard to accept that.

The advantage of Linux's open-source platform and free. If using Windows and Microsoft Office
copyright rights, you will have to spend a few million. But Linux is not, you will not have to spend any
money and still use the full range of features, as well as the office applications like OpenOffice and
LibreOffice free.

+ Security

If on Windows you always struggling to face more and more viruses, malicious code, ... then you are safe
to use Linux, because simple, all of them are not able to work on platform. Your job is just to see them
removed in a USB or portable hard drive.

+ Flexibility

On Linux, if you have more knowledge about it, you can easily modify its sole discretion, even on
Windows, without the approval of Microsoft you will not be allowed to do that. Moreover, Linux also
provides compatibility with many different environments and this is an ideal environment for
programmers and developers.

+ Activities smoother on the computer configuration requirements

When Windows released an upgrade version, which is pulled by the lift about hardware requirements,
whereas if insufficient laptop configuration, users will stop at the old version is no longer there and
Microsoft "care" anymore or will have to upgrade your hardware. As for Linux does not, the operating
system runs smoothly and is extremely stable on computers with low profile and has been upgraded,
regular support from the Linux developer community.



Say it must also say again, despite strong advantages but Linux still exist some disadvantages sad.
Perhaps because of these weaknesses that Windows is becoming unique.

+ The number of applications supported on Linux is very limited.

+ Some manufacturers do not develo...
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Operating System
Tên thành viên:
1. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang
2. Hoàng Thị Thủy
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