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1) Re-structuring banking system (Merger and Acquisition)

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) in banks will be boosted in the next five years as part of efforts to overhaul the entire banking system
and speed up the formation of one to two regional-class commercial banks in Vietnam.

Japan's Mizuho Financial Group purchased 15 % stake inVietcombank, Vietnam’s largest listed bank, opening up opportunities for
more M&A deals between Vietnam and Japan in the coming time. Experts forecast that there will be more M&A contracts between
Vietnamese banks and foreign partners.

However, this may lead to many different types of risk to the economy such as creating scarcity and driving up prices if bankers unite
with each other to dominate the financial market or control the currency trading, interest and exchange rates or to store foreign
currency on a large scale.

To solve the problem, state agencies will have to further improve existing regulations related to M&A activities and banking takeovers,
including regulations limiting share ownership percentage.

2) Focusing on dealing with bad debts
More and more banks will sell nonperforming loans to Vietnam Asset Management Co (VAMC), which will help lower the bad debt
rate of the banks, and they can also use money from the deal for other business activities to gain profit, especially to make loans to
companies having difficulties.

3) Bringing technology development into banking sectors

Notable trends are Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Media, and Big Data Analytics, which have totally transformed the
way banks operate and interact with customers.

While Cloud Computing brings in the promises for flexibility, scalability, and agility in banking operation, ‘Big Data’ Analytics
(analyzing massive amounts of customer related data to gather new insights) will be key in differentiating the offerings and gaining
traction with the “digitally native” generation (people under 30 today). Mobile computing and Social Media are bringing in new
customer touch-points that are more interactive and convenient than ever.

4) Spurring banking services growth
Since recent profit fall in several banks, they are focusing on boosting services growth in the upcoming time, including securities
investment, foreign exchange business, guaranteeing and advisory services or import-export funding, which are smart moves in current
difficult context.

5) Localization of forei...
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