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Practice Test 1

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Năm học: 2014-2015
Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH (chuyên)
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Read the following Terry Steven’s reviews of four great science fictions films. For questions 1–10, choose
from the reviews A–D. The reviews may be chosen more than once.
A 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

B Star Wars (1977)

One of the most controversial films of any genre, 2001: A It is almost impossible to argue against the inclusion of
Space Odyssey came from a collaboration between the Star Wars or its rather darker sequel Empire Strikes Back,
director, Stanley Kubrick, and the science fiction writer, in any list of top science fiction movies. Essentially
Arthur C Clarke. It’s not an easy film to sum up. The plot westerns set in space, they cover the universal themes of
is mostly beside the point. It involves a government cover- good versus evil, while making the leading actors Harrison
up of something called the Monolith, and a Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher deliver lines of mindmalfunctioning computer’s efforts to preserve the integrity boggling absurdity on a regular basis. The epic saga
of a space mission. Almost independently of this are revolves around a battle between an authoritarian Empire
separate strands dealing with human evolution from led by the Emperor and his part-human, part-machine
prehistoric times to the space age. Many have attempted to henchman Darth Vader on one side, and a small group of
try and pin down this work with explanations about its rebels on the other. The emphasis, however, is not on
deeper significance and purpose, and to this day there are exploring deeper problems of the human condition. Nor,
heated exchanges about this. But such attempts at analysis unlike some film-makers, do the creators of Star Wars
may be missing the point. What stays in the mind is the trouble themselves with rooting their creations in the
impact the film has on the senses. Even its strongest critics normal laws of physics; the force-wielding Jedi fight with
never forget it. There are long stretches where very little theoretically impossible lightsabers and light-speed travel
happens, and for many the pace, or lack of it, is too much takes place in an implausible ‘hyperspace’. But the first
to bear, but at the same time it i...
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