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top tips for CAE




Guide to CAE task types


How to revise for CAE


Paper 1: Reading


Paper 2: Writing


Paper 3: Use of English


Paper 4: Listening


Paper 5: Speaking


What to do on the day


What next after CAE?


How to use the CD-ROM


Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

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top tips for CAE

Writing: Part 2


TIP: Make sure you practise writing different text types such
as letters, reports, proposals and articles. Check that you
know the conventions for writing these.

Here is an example of a Part 2 task.
see this announcement on your mobile phone
Q You
company’s website.
As you use our services, we want to hear what you think.
How has having a mobile affected the way you work or
socialise? Also, give us an example of a time when having
a mobile really helped you, and say what might have
happened if you hadn’t had one.
Send us your article. The best ones will appear on this
website, and win you a year of free calls!

Explanation: Look at the sample answer below.
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing in reply to your announcement on
your company website.
I am pleased to tell you that having a phone from
your company has helped me many times both in work
and social situations ...
This reply is in the form of a letter rather than an article, and is
addressed to the wrong target audience – the mobile phone company
rather than readers of the website.
Compare it with this sample answer.
I simply can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a
mobile phone! How on earth did I manage? I rely on
it completely these days to arrange my social life – in
fact if I didn’t have a phone, I’d probably never get to
meet up with friends!
Top Tips for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

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top tips for CAE

Use of English: Part 2


open cloze

TIP: Sometimes you may need to read a large chunk of text
to see which word is required – reading what goes before
and after the gap will not be enough to give you the answer.


It may be necessary to complete a structure, the two parts of
which are separated in the text.

‘Fully-shielded lights not …only… help preserve the beauty of
the starry sky,’ maintains David Crawford of the International
Dark Skies Association, ‘but they also illuminate far more
Explanation: The missing word is ‘only’, as it is part of...
top tips for CAE
Top Tips for CAE (Certifi cate in Advanced English)
Guide to CAE task types
How to revise for CAE
Paper 1:
Reading 
Paper 2:
Writing 
Paper 3:
Use of English 
Paper 4:
Listening 
Paper 5:
Speaking 
What to do on the day 
What next after CAE? 
How to use the CD-ROM 
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