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Grammar Exercises

Universität Bayreuth

Unit 1: Present Tenses
A: Put in the present continuous form of the verb in brackets.
1. Please be quiet. I _______________ (try) to read my book.
2. I _______________ (not/use) the computer at the moment so you can use it.
3. Mary is ill so Sue _______________ (teach) her 1essons today.
4. Excuse me, I _______________ (look) for a hotel. Is there one near here?
5. _______________ (you/wait) for someone?
6. Jack, you are very careless. You _______________ (always/forget) to do your
7. The cost of living _______________ (rise) very fast. Every year things are more
8. What _______________ (you/do)? I _______________ (clean) my shoes.
9. Why _______________ (not/wear) shorts? It's so hot today.
10. The neighbours are so noisy! They _______________ (always/argue) 1oudly.
B: Put the verb into the correct form, present continuous or present simple.
1. I _______________ (not/belong) to this particu1ar government committee.
2. Hurry! The bus _______________ (come). I _______________ (not/want) to miss it.
3. Gregory is a vegetarian. He _______________ (not/eat) meat.
4. I _______________ (1ook) for the manager. I can't find him anywhere.
5. We are successful because we _______________ (take) the time to ta1k to our customers.
6. John _______________ (deal) with all the enquiries about sales.
7. At the moment we _______________ (make) a training video for Siemens.
8. _______________ (you/know) what Mr Briceson _______________ (do)? He is not in
his office.
9. I _______________ (apply) for a job in the sales department, but I don't know if I will be
It _______________ (depend) on whether or not they have any vacancies.
10. Unemployment _______________ (fa1l) and is now down to 5.6%.
11. Jane is doing some research in the library. She needs it for a book she
_______________ (write).
12. While Anna is away on holidays, Matt _______________ (work) in her office.
13. He _______________ (teach) French and German at University and _______________
(learn) Greek.
14. There _______________ (be)two flights to Honduras this afternoon. The British Airways
flight _______________ (1eave) at 13:00 and _______________ (arrive) at 22:00.
15. Inflation _______________ (rise) at a rate of 2% per annum.
C: Put the verb in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.
1. She a1ways _______________ (remember) my birthday.
2. Mr Brown _______________ (work) in a superma...
Grammar Exercises
Universität Bayreuth
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