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Së gi¸o dôc ®µo t¹o hµ néi
§¸p ¸n Kú thi häc sinh giái líp 9 cÊp thµnh phè
N¨m häc 2010 – 2011
M«n thi tiÕng Anh Ngµy thi 30/3/2011
Thêi gian lam bµi : 150 phót
(§¸p ¸n tù lµm mong b¹n ®äc tham kh¶o )
I PhonetÝc
1.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
1. A mutual B. gradual c. casual D. equal
2.A weather B, breathe C. healthy D. although
3. A. except B basic C. accept D. couple
2 Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
4A. familiar B. sympathetic C. indifferent D. appearance
5A. accompany B. approximate C. appreciate D. appetie
6 A competition B, participate C. importance D. disqualify
II. Vocabulary and grammar
a.Circle the best answer A,B,C,D, to complete the sentences
7. I work as a teacher and my wife ----------- , too
A. do B, is C, work D does
8. Are enough apples for us to have one --------------------?
A. every B. each C. self D. individually
9. She knows that she ------------------ to pay now
A. had better B needn’t C. should D ought
10 In life ----------------- can make amistakes , we ‘re all human
A. anyone B. some people C. not anybody D. someone
11. Don’t for get to------------- the alarm clock for six oclock tomorrow morning
A. put B, ring C set D wind
12. Don’t cut it -------------two but -------------pieces
A. to/ in B. in/ into C. from/ at D. into / into
13. The room was ------------------ of strangers
A. full B complete C. crowed D. filled
14. My alarm goes ---------------- at five a.m
A. on B off C. up D. down
15. The loudspeaker won’t work unless you -----------------those cables
A. connected B connect C. don’t connect D. can’t connect
16. All the boys in my class are good at cooking , but ---------------is as good as the girls
A. either B, Neither C. every D. none
17. I made one or two mistakes , but ---------------- of my answe were correct
A, much B most C. more D few
18. we must go now . Call the waitress and ask for the ----------------
A. bill B. invoice C price D cost
19. I like to ------------- the crossword puzzle in the newspaper evey day
A. fill B, make C. do D. answer
20 . I was passing their house , so I ----------------Claire and Michael
A. ropped in B came up with C got on with D. run into
21. It is usually better not to -------------- things in case they are not returned
A. end B offer C borrow D. lose
22. ------------- Jone nor his friends are going to the beach today
A. either B neither C, nor D. so
23. I want to --------------- advantage of the sale at the shoe shop while it ‘s on
A. take B. have C. get D. take
24. Please move the chairs --------------- the aisle .They are ------------my way
A. away from / on B out of/ in C. under/ of D from / on
25. I remember ---------------- him say the grass needed ---------------
A. hearing / cutting B. hearing / to cut
C. to hear / tobe cut D. to hear / cutting
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