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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

A. cat
B. hat
C. that
D. hate
A. these
B. thank
C. this
D. their
A. worked
B. cleaned
C. asked
D. helped
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from that of the others.
A. repair
B. invite
C. because
D. cooking
A. wonderful
B. holiday
C. attract
D. happen
Choose the best answer:
6. Peter is interested______ Vietnamese history.
A. on
B. at
C. in
D. about
7. We have learnt English______ three years.
A. for
B. since
C. in
D. at
8. Thanks for inviting me to the______ festival.
A. cooking-rice
B. rice-cooking
C. rice-cooked
D. cooked-rice
9. Children should______ to bed early.
A. go
B. gone
C. went
D. goes
10. My car______ yesterday by my uncle.
A. has been repaired B. can be repaired C. is repaired
D. was repaired
11. Would you mind if I______ a photo of your house?
A. take
B. taking
C. took
D. will take
12. Last night, my parents______ television when the phone rang.
A. watched
B. has watched
C. was watching
D. were watching
13. I can’t read because the______ of computer is too dark.
A. mouse
B. plug
C. screen
D. socket
14. Peter is ______ student in my class.
A. the best
B. better
C. most better
D. most best.
15. The children are old enough to look after______.
A. themselves
B. ourselves
C. their
D. for themselves
Read the following passage then choose the best option :
compost is a wonderful natural resource that helps plants grow well. Today I am going to tell you
(16) ______ to start a compost heap. First we must use only household and garden matter
including tea leaves and egg shells, but we must (17) ______ them first. Don’t use any meat or
grain products because this attracts rats. Find a place (18) ______ your garden that gets a few
hours of sunlight each day. The (19) ______ also needs moisture but it will get this from
condensation. Cover the heap with a sheet of strong- plastic if the weather is wet. Keep adding to
pile and after six months your compost can be (20) ______ for your fields, gardens.


A. how
A. washing
A. on
A. compost
A. use

B. what
B. washed
B. at
B. glass
B. used

C. where
C. wash
C. for
C. bottles
C. using

D. why
D. to wash
D. in
D. cans
D. to use

Choose the underlined part that needs correction
21. I’m bored and I wonder if you could to tell me what to do for fun.
22. Thanks for invite me to the rice-cooking contest of your school.
23. I am interesting in the r...
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
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