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Së GD - §T Thanh Ho¸
Trêng THPT L¬ng §¾c B»ng
N¨m häc 2007-2008
Kú thi tiÕn Ých häc kú I - Líp 10
M«n thi: TiÕng Anh
(Thêi gian 45 phót kh«ng kÓ thêi gian giao ®Ò- §Ò thi gåm 2 trang)
I-Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently :
1- A. calculate B. multiply C. computer D. excuse
2- A. magazine B. language C. magical D. storage
3- A. magical B. technology C. programme D. suggest
4- A. photo B. lotus C. occasion D. hope
II-Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form :
1-I was driving home when I( see)________
a car which (break) _____
down, so I (stop)_____
to see if I could help.
2-We (have ) _____
a party next Saturday.Would you like to come?
3-Oh, your luggage is ready now.What time you (leave)____
4-Do stop ( talk)____
; I’m trying (finish)_____
this form.
5 I (speak)_____
to Mr .Brown before the lecture yesterday.
III-Give the correct form of the given words to complete the following
sentences :
1-We are recently studied rock ……, so we want to visit some caves. (form)
2-Computer is a ..… machine which works with a lighting speed. (calculate)
3-Do you know what the ……… for your bad behaviour is? (punish)
4-All the pupils must have their parent’s …… to go on the picnic. (permit)
IV-Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each of the following sentences:
1-My grandmother ______ drink a glass of water right after getting up in the
A-was used to B-uses to
C-used to D is used to
2- The girl ______ is standing next to your mother is the daughter of the
director of this company.
A- who B-which
C- whom D-whose
3-I was enjoying my book, but I stopped ______ my homework.
A- reading to do B-to read to do
C-to read for doing D-reading for do
4- We ______ to get up early when we lived in the countryside.
A- not used B-didn’t use
C-were used D-hadn’t used
5- He ______ in this town since he was born.
A- lives B- lived
C-is living D-had lived
6-The coffee ______ by the time I got up this morning.
A- was already made B-has already been made
C-had already been made D-would have already been made
7-We were not hungry.We ______ a big breakfast.
A-just had B-have just had
C-were just having D-had just had
8-Poverty prevents many children ______ having proper schooling.
A-for B-with
C-from D-of
V-Read the following passage and answer the questions:
Đề thi HK môn tiếng Anh lớp 10 - Trang 2
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