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Question 1
Read the passage and choose the correct answer:
At a recent press conference, spokespersons for both
Interlink and USnet announced that their long-standing
rivalry would come to an end. The two Internet Service
Providers (ISP) have made the decision to merge into
one company, US Interlink.
Despite the ever-increasing number of households that
log onto the Internet from home, both companies
posted decreased profit margins during the last fiscal
year. Industry analysts attribute the decline to the
surprising success of smaller local service providers.
Once the merger is complete, US Interlink alone will
provide Internet service to nearly 53% of all American
households that currently subscribe to an ISP. The new
company will be better able to focus on expanding its
market share because completion will only come from
smaller and newer firms. In fact, several smaller ISP
companies have asked officials to look into anti-trust
laws to keep the merger from happening.
1. What is being planned for USnet and Interlink?
A. They will purchase an Internet Service
A Provider
B. They will prevent smaller companies from
B merging
C. They will help establish anti-trust
C legislation
D. They will reorganize into a single service
D provider
Question 2
2. Why is the change being made?
A. Both companies experienced a decline in
A sales
B. The popularity of the Internet is rising
B rapidly

C. USnet recently declared bankruptcy

D. Smaller companies have filed anti-trust
D lawsuit
Question 3
3. What are smaller firms trying to do?

A. Repeal anti-trust laws
B. Increase profit margins
C. Reduce Internet use

D. Prevent the merger
Question 4
Câu hỏi từ 4-8 sau liên quan đến dạng bài đọc double passage:
Passage 1:
A history of European Royalty by George Marcopoulos
is a book that should be in everyone’s collection if they
have the slightest interest in royalty and royal families.
Professor Marcopoulos, who teaches at a local
university, has produced a concise yet erudite book
that details some of the most interesting and intimate
details of Europe’s royal families. Focusing primarily on
the royals of Western Europe, that is, England, France,
and Spain, Marcopoulos regales his readers with a
number of fascinating stories about some of the more
eccentric individuals who have the reigns of many
kings of England, especially with regard to England’s
King George III. Fortunately, this book is not written in
the hard-to-understand language that many histo...
"#$% "
&"' &("##
# $
    # #  #
$       
 &$%
#*#$"# &
1 2
$% "
4$ 
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