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[??? ???] Lynn ? ???? 10? ?? ?? ??
101. Our delegation ________ of Contact Director, General Manager and Marketing Manager will be staying in 
Detroit from October 9 to 13.

(B)will consist 


(D)to be considered

102. New York City's hotel _______ rate climbed to 90%, a 1% increase from the same period last year.




103. The CEO of the company has been consistent ________ his policy associated with foreign investments over 
the last few years.




104. Rogers TV is a service available ________ to cable customers as part of the basic service of Rogers Cable 
Communications Inc.




105. It is highly recommended that every employee retain the original receipt _____ proof of purchase.
(A) as       

 (B) off   

(C) except    

(D) through

106. The heating system of this building is much more cost­effective than that of the previous system _______ 
we used last year.
(A)in where


(C)in which


107. Robert Thompson invests in a stock ________ will pay dividends of $3.00 at the end of the first year and  
$3.30 at the end of the second year.
(A) they    

(B) what     

(C) when         (D) that

108. Working conditions in air transportation vary widely, _______ on the occupation.




109. An old restaurant on 7th Ave. will be rebuilt into the stylish restaurant Citadela with a seating _______ for 
up to 150 guests.
(A) capacity  

(B) intensity 

(C) aptitude 

(D) preparation

110. The cost of construction as _______ as the construction period has already increased twofold over previous 





[??? ???] Lynn ? ???? 10? ?? ?? ??
111.  Please _______ the Planning  staff (Debra   Ross  @  222.3926)  if  you  will  or  will  not  be  attending   this  
month’s meeting.




112. Our service personnel work for clients on a wide variety of sites, many of _______are tough industrial 
environments that are unsuitable for laptops or PDAs.




113. The airline industry also relies on many management, professional, and administrative support workers to 
keep operations running _______.




114. According to the manager of ABB Corp., this new serv...
[??? ???] Lynn ? ???? 10? ?? ?? ??
101. Our delegation ________ of Contact Director, General Manager and Marketing Manager will be staying in
Detroit from October 9 to 13.
(A)consists (B)will consist (C)consisting (D)to be considered
102. New York City's hotel _______ rate climbed to 90%, a 1% increase from the same period last year.
(A)occupation (B)occupancy (C)occupant (D)occupational
103. The CEO of the company has been consistent ________ his policy associated with foreign investments over
the last few years.
(A)of (B)with (C)at (D)for
104. Rogers TV is a service available ________ to cable customers as part of the basic service of Rogers Cable
Communications Inc.
(A)exclusively (B)extremely (C)exactly (D)extensively
105. It is highly recommended that every employee retain the original receipt _____ proof of purchase.
(A) as (B) off (C) except (D) through
106. The heating system of this building is much more cost-effective than that of the previous system _______
we used last year.
(A)in where (B)where (C)in which (D)which
107. Robert Thompson invests in a stock ________ will pay dividends of $3.00 at the end of the first year and
$3.30 at the end of the second year.
(A) they (B) what (C) when (D) that
108. Working conditions in air transportation vary widely, _______ on the occupation.
(A)depends (B)dependable (C)depending (D)depend
109. An old restaurant on 7
Ave. will be rebuilt into the stylish restaurant Citadela with a seating _______ for
up to 150 guests.
(A) capacity (B) intensity (C) aptitude (D) preparation
110. The cost of construction as _______ as the construction period has already increased twofold over previous
(A)good (B)well (C)fine (D)far
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