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English Syntax
and Argumentation
Second edition

Bas Aarts



Series Editors
Professor Noe¨l Burton-Roberts
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Professor Andrew Spencer
University of Essex
Each textbook in the Modern Linguistics series is designed to provide a
carefully graded introduction to a topic in contemporary linguistics and allied
disciplines, presented in a manner that is accessible and attractive to readers
with no previous experience of the topic, but leading them to some understanding of current issues. The texts are designed to engage the active participation of the reader, favouring a problem-solving approach and including
liberal and varied exercise material.
Noe¨l Burton-Roberts founded the Modern Linguistics series and acted as
Series Editor for the first three volumes in the series. Andrew Spencer has
since joined Noe¨l Burton-Roberts as Series Editor.
Titles published in the series
English Syntax and Argumentation (second edition)
Bas Aarts
Philip Carr
Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
Vivian Cook
Sociolinguistics: A Reader and Coursebook
Nikolas Coupland and Adam Jaworski
Francis Katamba
Contact Languages: Pidgins and Creoles
Mark Sebba
Further titles in preparation
Modern Linguistics Series
Series Standing Order
ISBN 0–333–71701–5 hardcover
ISBN 0–333–69344–2 paperback
(outside North America only)
You can receive future titles in this series as they are published by placing a standing
order. Please contact your bookseller or, in the case of difficulty, write to us at the address
below with your name and address, the title of the series and the ISBN quoted above.
Customer Services Department, Palgrave Distribution Ltd
Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6XS, England

English Syntax
and Argumentation
Second edition
Bas Aarts
Reader in Modern English Language
University College London

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English Syntax
and Argumentation
Second edition
Bas Aarts
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