Gender differences in love between the East and the West

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Gender differences in love between the East and the West
There is no doubt that the most mysterious and universal concern of
human for all time is love. Writers, artists, musicians, and even
philosophers have never stopped trying to understand it. However, do
males and females express and fulfill love similarly in the East and the
To begin with, males and females in eastern countries differ from
those in western countries in finding a partner. An Easterner may find
that society and family are so important that they can put aside
(ignore) their individual feelings and go into an arranged marriage.
Moreover, age is a strong barrier for woman. Whereas a man marrying
a much younger girl is acceptable, people tend to think that there
should not be an older wife in a family. However, these things are not
the same in the west, where personal willing overshadows familiar and
public good. Most westerners start going out together as a direct
result of their own wishes and desires. They believe (There is a
common belief) that love should be the primary foundation for their
relationship; therefore, age is not a problem for both genders. For
example, a marriage between a 20-year-old man and a 40-year-old
woman or an old male with a young female are still blessed
(sanctified) by their family and friends.
Secondly, while dating with a partner, the two genders act differently
from the East to the West. In Eastern nations, most young adults seem
to date the same person for long period and dating frequently lead to
(is frequently seen as a precursor to engagement and) marriage. As a

result (Consequently), a young person, especially a girl, who dates
many people, may be known as capricious or disloyal individuals,
which could lead to bad reputation (widely notoriety). Unlike Eastern
counterparts, a westerner who dates only one person is seen as
foolishly limiting their number of candidates for their love and chances
of meeting the right person; therefore, a girl may date as many guys
as possible to show her attractiveness. What is more, people in the
East display affection in public less often and intensely than those in
the West. While eastern women are quite reserved most of the time; in
western society, either males or females can take the active role. For
example, you can rarely see a girl as the initiator of a kiss in Asian
public but that sight could be seen at a far greater rate on European
Last but not least, when it comes to living with a partner, m...
Gender dierences in love between the East and the West
          
          
           
       %  
  $      
        "
# 
&         '
 ()**+)**
          
, 
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