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English Grammar and Style

English Grammar and Style

Welcome to WRITE101x
WRITE101x aims to introduce you to key concepts and strategies related to grammar and style. Absorbing
and applying these in your writing will help you to confidently respond to the unprecedented and accelerating
demand for high levels of literacy that have arisen in the 21st century. Everyone is writing more than they ever
did in many more arenas than they ever had before the rise and rise of social media on the Internet.
We’ll present materials that cover grammatical principles, word usage, writing style, sentence and paragraph
structure, and punctuation. We’ll introduce you to some marvellous resources that we have annotated
for your guidance. We’ll show you video clips of interviews conducted with distinguished grammarians,
challenge you with quizzes and writing activities that will give you strategies to help you to build skills that will
enhance the quality of your writing, and invite you to participate in discussions and assess the work of your

The Write101x Team





Associate Professor
Roslyn Petelin
teaches in and
convenes the awardwinning postgraduate
program in Writing,
Editing, and
Publishing at UQ.

Amber Gwynne
is a researcher,
writer, and editor.
With a background
in linguistics, she
brings a unique
expertise to working
with words.

Catherine Blake is
a student of English
and grammar at UQ
and is reading P. G.

Dakoda Barker is
a current Master
of Arts student,
studying Writing,
Editing, and
Publishing at UQ

James Blake has
a BA (with majors
in English and
Writing) and a
Master’s degree in
Writing, Editing, and
Publishing from UQ

About Write101x
8 Weekly Sessions

2 Hours Per Week

Each week is released across the
globe on Monday morning Brisbane
time. Watch the videos, do the
exercises, take the quizzes, and join
in the discussions when you have

Watching the videos each week will
usually take you about 20 minutes,
but will take longer if you do the
exercises and check out the extra
readings and videos in our course

Learning Outcomes
Upon successfully completing this course, students will:
1.	 Reliably identify the roles and relationships of words in a sentence.
2.	 Demonstrate mastery of grammatical concepts and syntactical strategies and apply this knowledge to
produce coherent, economical, and compelling writing.
3.	 Critique and edit their own and other...
English Grammar and Style
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