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Welcome to the
presentation of group…

Ha Noi’s Old Quater

The content


Mr Minh: total introduce and history of HN’s
Old Quarter
Ms Hoa: the city of cafts
Ms Hien: the ancient houses
Ms Van: the monuments




the oldest continuously
developed area of VN
the common name of
a zone urban longstanding
located outside of Hanoi
Queen Thang Long.
an attractive destination for
those who want to learn
about Thang Long - Dong Do
- Ha Noi


formed from the Ly - Tran
Underwent all the dynastic
So far this was the busiest
business area of Hanoi

The city of cafts


Currently, the city
still retains some
of the traditional
products Systems
such as Hang Ma,
Hang Tre…
some cities but does
not hold craft
system, but also
focuses sells a line:
Hang Quat, Hang Ma,
Hang Bong, Hang Dao,
Hang Cot…

the ancient houses


the ancient architecture
in the mall
mainly the
tube, inclined roof, the
facade is sticking
are not indented

the monuments

has many long-standing historical
including houses, temples, pagodas
assembly halls.

Welcome to the
presentation of group…
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