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Part 2 (2-3 minutes)
Interlocutor: say to both candidates:
I’m going to describe a situation to you.
A group of friends want to spend a day travelling around
a big city but they don’t have much money. They want to
see as many things as possible. Talk together about the
different ways they could travel around the city and
decide which way would be best.

Here is a picture with some ideas to help you.
(indicate the picture sheet to the candidate)
I’ll say that again.
(the interlocutor repeats the situation)
Alright? Talk together.

1. Task type: discussiontalk together
2. Candidates are required to:
- talk about different ideas (5 or 6 pictures
around the centre image)
-decide which idea is the best

3. Languages: making suggestions, responding
to suggestions, making recommendations,
discussing alternatives, negotiating agreement
with your partner

Watch sample speaking part 2 again and think
about these questions.


1. How to start the discussion? (Starting)
Shall we start with this one?
Let’s start with this one, shall we?
Where shall we start?
You go first.

2. How to get your partner involved? (invite your
partner to speak)

What about this one?
Do you think he should…?
Do you think that’s a good idea?
I don’t think this one is very good, do you?
Why don’t we…?
I think…. What do you think?
Let’s have a look at some other ideas?


3. How to show preferences?

I prefer (books to CDs/ playing sports to reading)
I prefer to/ I’d like to (stay in the youth hostel)
I’d rather to ?(go to the campsite)
I think this is better because…..
In my opinion, this is more useful because….

4. How to agree and disagree with your partner’s


That’s true.
I agree.
You’re right.
I think so too.
That’s a good idea/ point.
That’s interesting.
That sounds interesting/ great.
I see what you mean

I don’t think that’s a good idea
I don’t think so because…

I don’t think that’s such a good
Really?I’m not sure about that.

Yes, but…
I understand your point, but….


5. How to discuss alternatives?

Which do you think is best?
I think this is more useful because….
It would be better to….because….
Yes, that’s possible


5. How to end the discussion? (choosing/ summing up)

What have we decided?
What do you think we should choose?
Shall we choose…?
Ok, we’ve decided.
So, we think he/they shoul...
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