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1. The woman said to the man She had made call and she had got the ticket for Sunday evening
The man was very happy. He told that he was looking forward to that and they are his favorite band
The woman agreed with him and she said the capital theater was best place for concert
2. The man complained to the woman about the fact that he was tired of that office. Because it
was so ugly
The woman suggested buying the new furniture or at least got the new rug
The man said to her the new things were expensive however he could paint the furniture he had
3. The woman would like to order small plain pizza
The man wanted to know if she would like to deliver or pick it up
The woman replied she wanted to deliver pizza to her office
4. The man said to the woman he was freezing cold
The woman thought he didn’t any ice cream
The man disagreed with her. He said he needed something to warm him up like cup of tea
5. The woman suggested taking the cab because it was raining
The man replied just a little, he had an umbrella and he suggested walking
The woman said that the rain was harder and she showed the cab. She suggested getting in
6. The man gave the order to the woman. He said that was 25 dollars
The woman checked her wallet and she didn’t have cash. She wanted to know if she could pay by
credit card
The man agreed with her he said there would be fine
7. The woman complained to the man about the fact that it was cold in there. She suggested turing
off the air conditioning
The man wanted to know why the air conditioning be on. He said it was the winter.
The woman saw the problem and she told someone had left the window open
8. The man said to the woman the fax machine didn’t work and he got the new machine
The woman wanted to know if he was sure. She thought it didn’t plug in
The man agreed with her and he felt embarrassing
9. The woman wanted to know if that was today’s paper and lent it to minutes
The man agreed with her and he wanted to know if she wanted to see headline
The woman disagreed with him. Because she wanted to check the movie schedule
10. The man said to the woman buy that sweater it looked good on new
The woman agreed with him because the sweater went well with her skirt, she said she needed
the dress
The man agreed with her because it was formal party, the long dress was more suitable than

 
  
" ##
$ #
& 
+ &
- 
0 !%
1 %
 
2 
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