IELTS ready by collin (writting)

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Get Ready_ for IELTS
F i o n a A is h & J o To m l i nso n


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About the authors
Fiona Aish has managed and taught on various exam and
academic English programmes at private language schools
and universities, and has been preparing students for
I E LTS for over 10 years.
Jo Tomlinson has a broad range of experience teaching
academic English and I E LTS in both private college and

university settings, including online assessment.

Fiona and Jo are also the authors of Listening for fELTS
(Collins, 201 1 ) and Grammar for fELTS (Col lins, 201 2 ) .


Unit Title


Exam focus




Hobbies and

Sports and activities Analysing and describing a table for Task 1



School, col lege
and u n iversity

Analysing and describing a bar chart for
Task 1




M usic, a rt and

Writing a Task 2 opi nion essay


Review 1



Relationsh ips

Structuring a Task 2 opinion essay




Holidays and travel

Analysing and describing a l i ne ...
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