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From the Authors: Khurram Kayani & Asad Kayani

Dear future IELTS Success Story:
Congratulations on your purchase of the most advanced test-taking manual
for the IELTS. Notice we did not say study guide- there are plenty of decent
study guides on the market, but that was not our objective in writing this
manual. Our goal is to seek and exploit specific weaknesses in the IELTS
assessment, and then share those secrets with our customers.
Let’s be perfectly honest here- you’ve worked hard enough in the past, and if
you want to spend hours in a study guide to boost your score, that’s a great
thing to do. In fact, we recommend at least a brief review of some of the
better study guides on the market. But that’s simply not enough to do well in
the high-pressure high-stakes environment of the test day. How well you do
on this test will have a significant impact on your future- and we have the
research and practical advice to help you execute on test day.
The product you’re reading now is much more than a study guide- it is a
tactical weapon designed to exploit weaknesses in the test itself, and help
you avoid the most common errors students make when taking the IELTS.

How to use this manual
We don’t want to waste your time. This manual is fast-paced and fluff-free.
We suggest going through it a number of times, trying out its methods on a
number of official practice tests.
First, read through the manual completely to get a feel for the content and
organization. Read the general success strategies first, and then proceed to
Copyright © 2003 by Linguistics at Nicon. You have been licensed one copy of this document for personal use only. Any
other reproduction or redistribution is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


the individual test sections. Each tip has been carefully selected for its
Second, read through the manual again, and take notes in the margins and
highlight those sections where you may have a particular weakness (we
strongly suggest printing the manual out on a high-quality printer).
Third, go through at least one official practice test with the manual at your
side and apply the strategies. We believe three practice tests to be the
maximum benefit, the first time with all strategies except time (take as much
time as you need), the second time with all strategies and time constraints,
and a third time without the benefit of the open manual to refer to during the
test. See the appendix for the exclusive list of practice test ...
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