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STEP 1 – Preparing the SD card
At this point, we need to download a lot of stuff and put it in the right spot.

The Homebrew Starter Kit ­ Note: this also contains the homebrew launcher and some homebrew, 
including an FTP client for sending files over to a computer without removing the SD card if you so 
desire. For more information, you can check out the guide on The Homebrew Launcher website.


Brahma2 must be downloaded and placed within sd:/3ds/brahma2.


Uncart must be downloaded and placed within sd:/brahma.


Decrypt9 must be downloaded and placed within sd:/brahma.

On N3DS units, it's possible to do this without removing the SD card! Within the N3DS Home Menu, hit the 
"System Settings" icon, select "Data Management" and then "Micro SD Management." From there, the 
N3DS will provide instructions on how to access the N3DS from your computer over wifi. Place the 
extracted contents in the locations mentioned above.

STEP 2 – Dumping the Game
Next you'll want to load Brahma from the Homebrew Launcher. Once that is loaded, you will select uncart. 
Uncart is the application that will dump the cartridge onto the SD card. Select dump cartridge and wait 
patiently for the game to dump. This can take quite a while on bigger games, so be patient! it will dump to 
sd:/.3ds; uncart will display the filename on screen while it dumps.
NOTE: If a game is greater than 2GiB, it will be split into multiple files when it dumps. Using generic names,
it would be Game.3d0, Game.3d1 etc. Because the 3DS SD card is formatted FAT, you cannot combine 
these files on the SD card and must copy them onto another device. Most users are planning to copy these 
onto their computer anyway, and that will work fine.
On Windows 7, we can combine these files easily by putting both files into the same folder, opening up 
command prompt and navigating to that folder. We'll use bravely default (NTSC) as the example here.
Copy /b "00040000000FC500.3d0"+"00040000000FC500.3d1" "Bravely Default.3ds"

This will give you a single combined file that is your entire ROM dump under the name "Bravely Default". If 
you're certain you've done this correctly, you can delete the input files and just keep the .3ds produced.
NOTE: This ROM file will never need to be on your SD card after this point. If it's still on your SD card, you 
can copy it to your computer to save space for the next step.

STEP 3 – Generating Xorpads
This part can be a bit tricky, so please pay careful attention to ever...
STEP 1 – Preparing the SD card
At this point, we need to download a lot of stuff and put it in the right spot.
The Homebrew Starter Kit - Note: this also contains the homebrew launcher and some homebrew,
including an FTP client for sending files over to a computer without removing the SD card if you so
desire. For more information, you can check out the guide on The Homebrew Launcher website.
Brahma2 must be downloaded and placed within sd:/3ds/brahma2.
Uncart must be downloaded and placed within sd:/brahma.
Decrypt9 must be downloaded and placed within sd:/brahma.
On N3DS units, it's possible to do this without removing the SD card! Within the N3DS Home Menu, hit the
"System Settings" icon, select "Data Management" and then "Micro SD Management." From there, the
N3DS will provide instructions on how to access the N3DS from your computer over wifi. Place the
extracted contents in the locations mentioned above.
STEP 2 – Dumping the Game
Next you'll want to load Brahma from the Homebrew Launcher. Once that is loaded, you will select uncart.
Uncart is the application that will dump the cartridge onto the SD card. Select dump cartridge and wait
patiently for the game to dump. This can take quite a while on bigger games, so be patient! it will dump to
sd:/.3ds; uncart will display the filename on screen while it dumps.
NOTE: If a game is greater than 2GiB, it will be split into multiple files when it dumps. Using generic names,
it would be Game.3d0, Game.3d1 etc. Because the 3DS SD card is formatted FAT, you cannot combine
these files on the SD card and must copy them onto another device. Most users are planning to copy these
onto their computer anyway, and that will work fine.
On Windows 7, we can combine these files easily by putting both files into the same folder, opening up
command prompt and navigating to that folder. We'll use bravely default (NTSC) as the example here.
Copy /b "00040000000FC500.3d0"+"00040000000FC500.3d1" "Bravely Default.3ds"
This will give you a single combined file that is your entire ROM dump under the name "Bravely Default". If
you're certain you've done this correctly, you can delete the input files and just keep the .3ds produced.
NOTE: This ROM file will never need to be on your SD card after this point. If it's still on your SD card, you
can copy it to your computer to save space for the next step.
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