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With over 4000 years of history, Vietnam has a unique and gorgeous culture; Vietnamese
has many festivals and ceremonies in a year. As you can see, a festival can organize many places.
Although they still have their meaning for a special occasion and contribute in traditional culture.
One of them is buffalo fighting which is the traditional festival in many places and it is considered
the fun amusement but a ritual. But only in Do Son – Hai Phong, buffalo fighting has become a
traditional ceremony. It is an important, unique and traditional festival of people in Do Son District.
The Buffalo Fight in Do Son is a traditional festival that is attached to a Water God worshipping
ceremony. The most typical reason for the ceremony is to express the martial spirit of the local
people in Do Son, Haiphong. And this assignment is written about Do Son’s Festival of Buffalo
It makes our culture more colorful and become more attractive with tourists. It gives
anything special which only has in an agricultural country as Viet Nam. Thus, more tourists will
come to Vietnam to explore our hidden charm. Addition, Hai Phong have many tourist destination,
tourists can travel this place after participation festival. We decide to choose this topic to know
deeply about the Do Son’s Festival of Buffalo Fights, so that we can confidently introduce to foreign
tourists about this interesting ceremony and its value.
2.Objectives of the study
After finishing this assignment, we’ve learnt more about the traditional value about the
festival of Vietnam. We have an opportunity to write a report on our research and experience.
Thanks to this assignment, our traditional festival understanding now is better; and by writing report
as well as presenting and team working; I believe we are now much more self-confident when
contacting with tourists, especially foreign tourists.
To finish this assignment, we firstly collected information from different sources. We
searched on the internet; we read newspaper to find information related to the Do Son Festival of
Buffalo Fight. Then, we analyzed this information, and translated it to English. Finally we
rearranged this information and used it to write the report. We tried our best to do this assignment

4.Scope of the study
Buffalo fights festival takes place in many places. But our article to find out about buffalo
fights festival in coastal areas of Do Son dis...
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