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We keep animals as pets, we need their help to do a million
things... ride, hunt, plough... and then we use them to add a
little excitement to our language, by weaving their characteristics
and traits into idioms which have a lot of history behind
them... So here's for some wordplay, animal style!

Üürk is worse than your bife
Sounding more frightening than
you actually are.

Though our neighbour is forever shouting at
us, Larry says his bark is worse than his bite.

This saying originates in the 1 7th Century
when dogs kept as pets simply guarded houses,
and a dog that barked really fiercely always

sounded like he would bite a bit off you.
But if the dog didn't really bite, then it was said
that his bark was worse than his bite!

Bards of s feather flock together
People who have common interests or
habits are usually together.
All my friends have the same interests
and like to go hiking. I guess we

like birds of a feather, flocking together!
This is a saying that has been used by man
for more than 2000 years. If you observe
carefully, you will find that birds of one kind

always fly together. You never see a crow
flying with pigeons, do you?

Black sheep of the family
The most different or odd one out
in a group or a family.

As David does not study hard like his other
brothers he is considered the black sheep
of his family.

The colour black is associated with
evil and a sheep that is all black is
rare, especially in a herd of
all-white sheep. So a black sheep in
a white herd is definitely the odd one
out. In the early 1800's, shepherds
thought that black sheep scared off the
white ones and therefore favoured them
less. Slowly, this saying came to refer to
the least favoured person in a family or group.

Bull in a china shop
To be extremely clumsy.
Whenever Roy is in the kitchen he breaks
something, so his mother says that he's
like a bull in a china shop!


Bulls are clumsy creatures, large and
graceless. When they move they
always knock things out of their way.
This idiom found its way into speech wher
dishes and plates made out of china
(porcelain)were introduced in Europe in th
1 6th Century. Imagine if a bull got into a
china shop... what havoc it would cause?

A leopard cannot change his spots
We cannot change the nature of things.

Mr. Wilson could not yell at Fred for
stealing his mangoes...
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