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Example: “She can’t bear children.” can mean either “She can’t give birth to children” or “She can’t
tolerate children.”

a. He waited by the bank.
He waited by the bank of the river.
He waited by the financial institution.
b. Is he really that kind?
Is he really that nice?
Is he really that kind of person? (Could be a liar,
hard worker, or profession.)
c. The proprietor of the fish store was the sole owner.
The proprietor was the only owner of the store.
The proprietor is the owner of all the sole. (A kind of
d. The long drill was boring.
The math exercise (drill) was boring.
Using the hand held tool (drill) was boring.
e. When he got the clear title to the land, it was a
good deed.
When he got the title for the land it was fair and legally
When he got the title for the land, he was doing a favor
for someone.
f. It takes a good ruler to make a straight line.
It takes a good leader to make a straight line.
It takes a good measurement tool is make a straight line.

g. He saw that gasoline can explode.
He saw that gasoline (fuel) is flammable.
He saw the can (container) of gasoline explode.
h. You should see her shop.
You should see her shop for food. (She can find
everything on the list quickly!)
You should see her place of employment.
i. Every man loves a woman.
Every man loves an adult female.
Every man loves the same, one woman.
j. You get half off the cost of your hotel room if you make
your own bed.
You pay half price if you build your own bed out of
boards and nails.
You pay half price if you put fresh linens on the bed.
k. “It’s his job to lose” (said the coach about his
new player).
The player can lose his position on the team.
The player can lose his salaried employment because
he chooses to join the team.
i. CHALLENGE: Bill wants to marry a Norwegian woman.
Bill wants to get married to a woman from Norway.
Bill (who is a priest) wants to preside over the marriage
ceremony of a woman who lives in Norway.
a) Joan should be in New York.

b) Every student thinks that he is a genius.
c) Every nurse takes care of two kids.
d) John didn’t finish his thesis to please Elizabeth.
e) The missionaries are too hot to eat.

ExampleShe can’t bear children
He waited by the bank.
Is he really that kind?
 !
 "!#$%
The proprietor of the sh store was the sole owner.
The long drill was boring.
When he got the clear tle to the land, it was a
good deed.
It takes a good ruler to make a straight line.
 
 
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