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Rave New World

Rave New World

by Sparknotes Editors


Rave New World

Chapter One
As teen cyberpsychic Jaden Emory entered the Tamlando
Detention Center, he pulled his 1crocheted cap down over his
dreadlocks so that it covered his 3gleaming 4cybernetic implants. A
sea of police officers and addicts stood between him and the addiction
cells on the far side of the complex.
“Time to get to work,” Jaden muttered, blowing air out of his
mouth and stepping into the gray 5maze of corridors. A slim redhead
in a lemon-colored jogging suit with her hands cuffed together in
front of her slipped him a shy smile.
Instinctively he smiled back, flashing her his 6trademark
insouciant grin. Jaden’s tall, lanky frame, huge, white-boy 8dreads,
and big, glossy brown eyes tended to get him noticed.
By girls in particular.
Jaden wiped the cocky smile off his face, 9abashed. What had he
been thinking? This girl might just be “noticing” him, but she might
also be smiling because she remembered him from his past. His
somewhat shady past. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, his onemore-strike-and-we’re-locking-you-up-and-throwing-away-the-key

crocheted . created by looping or crocheting
dreadlocks . many long thin braids of hair radiating from the scalp
gleaming · shining
cybernetic . relating to the priciples of science concerned with processes of
communication and control
maze . complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost
trademark . brand
insouciant · nonchalant or untroubled
dreads . dreadlocks
abashed · embarrassed

Rave New World

He picked up his pace,
letting his breath out.

ambling forward a little faster and


As his team leader, Kim could make him come to the T.D.C., but
she couldn’t make him 11linger. He’d pop in, do his job, and leave.
He’d only stay long enough to split away the addict’s 12vice, then he
was out of there.
When he finally paused outside addiction cell #642, 13trepidation
gave way to 14anticipation. His fingers tingled as he removed his cap
and stuffed it into the back pocket of his jeans. Who would be waiting
for him behind that door?
Back at the Splitter Center, where he lived and handled his 15runof-the-mill assignments, he’d probably be facing forty-five minutes
with some mom addicted to Twinkies who’d been turned in by a
caring family member concerned about her 16carbohydrate obsession.
Here at the Tamlando Detention Center, he was probably facing a
violent offender. An alcoholic, ...
Rave New World
Rave New World
by Sparknotes Editors
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