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2. The longdrillis boring.
=>Meaning one:The long tool to make holes is boring.
=>Meaning two:The long exercises to practice skill is boring.
3. When he got the clear title to the land, it was a gooddeed.
=>Meaning one:When he got the clear title to the land, it was a good act.
=>Meaning two:When he got the clear title to the land, it was a great achievement.
*title to the land:quyềnsởhữugiấytờđất.

4. The proprietor of the fish store the soleowner.
=>Meaning one:
=>Meaning two:
5. We likethe ball.
=>Meaning one:We like the sphere.
=>Meaning two:We like the formal social gathering for dancing.
6. They passedthe portat night.
=>Meaning one:They passed the city gate at night.
=>Meaning two:They passed theharbourat night.

7. The captain correctedthe list.
=>Meaning one:The list name of tilt (độnghiêng).
=>Meaning two:The list name of members.
8. He was knocked over bythe punch.
=>Meaning one:He was knocked over by the near/beside – the tool/the machine.
=>Meaning two:He was knocked over by a blow given with the fist.
9. The camelswallowedthe chocolate and then ate it.
=>Meaning one:The camel gulped the chocolate and then ate it.
=>Meaning two:The camel easily believed the chocolate and then ate it.

10. The drunkard visitorrolled upthe carpet.
=>Meaning one:The drunkard visitor curled up the carpet.
=>Meaning two:The drunkard visitorfoddedthe carpet.
11. The catwas on the mat.
=>Meaning one:The cat was scolded/criticized.
=>Meaning two:The cat was on the rug/small piece of material.
12. Is he reallythe kind?
=>Meaning one:Is he really a good/kind person?
=>Meaning two:Is he really a sort/type of people?

13. My fiancée isreserved.(p.p,adj)
=>Meaning one:Myfinancéeis kept for me (p.p).
=>Meaning two:Me fiancée is quiet/discreet (adj).
14. I saw herslip.
=>Meaning one:I saw a small mistake/falling down/suddenly.
=>Meaning two:I saw women underwear.
15. I saw herduck.
=>Meaning one:I saw lower her head suddenly to avoid being seen.
=>Meaning two:I saw her cotton coat.

16. She was driving on therightside of the road.
=>Meaning one:She was driving on the right/left side of the road.
=>Meaning two:She was driving on the correct/true side of the road.
17. He’s veryfair.
=>Meaning one:He’s very light hair.
=>Meaning two:He’s very equal/reasonable.
18. She was a veryfunnygirl.
=>Meaning one:She was a very amusing girl.
=>Meaning two:She was a very unusual girl.

19. Half the workers in the factory areidle.
=>Meaning one:Half the workers in the factory are with...
 
*tle to the land:quyềnsởhữugiấytờđất.
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