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Chapter 10

Detailed Lecture Outline
Structural Genomics
1. The advent of DNA sequencing techniques changed experimental biology, and 
automation has enhanced the rate of change.
2. Genomics is the development and application of techniques for:
a. Mapping chromosomes.
b. Sequencing genomes.
c. Computational analysis of entire genomes.
3. Subfields of genomics are:
a. Structural genomics, the genetic and physical mapping and sequencing of 
b. Functional genomics, comprehensive analysis of gene functions and of 
nongene sequences in entire genomes.
c. Comparative genomics, comparison of entire genomes across species, looking 
at functions and evolutionary relationships.
4. This section focuses on structural genetics, specifically genome sequencing.

Sequencing Genomes
1. Genome projects use two general approaches:
a. The mapping approach divides the genome into segments with genetic and 
physical mapping, refines the map of each segment, and finally sequences the 
b. A “shotgun” approach breaks the genome into random, overlapping fragments, 
and sequences each fragment. Based on overlaps, the sequences are assembled 
by computer. An advantage is that physical mapping is not required.
Genome Sequencing Using a Mapping Approach
1. Genetic and physical maps are made first to provide markers for sequencing. 
Examples illustrate the logic of this approach in the human genome project.

Genetic Mapping of a Genome
1. Genetic maps are constructed for each chromosome using genetic crosses and pedigree 
analysis. Any detectable allele can mark a locus on the chromosome, and crossing over 
indicates the distance between marker genes.
2. High­density genetic mapping has been important in the Human Genome Project 
(HGP). Some aspects of this procedure:
a. A sequence tagged site (STS) is a unique genomic DNA sequence used as a genetic 
marker. Short tandem repeats (STRs) are used extensively for STS mapping, but 
nonpolymorphic markers are also used.
b. Polymorphic STRs are the best DNA markers for generating genetic maps of 
Physical Mapping of a Genome
1. Genetic maps generated for some species (e.g., E. coli) are sufficient to begin 
sequencing, but in humans even the detailed genetic map described above lacks the
required resolution. Therefore, a physical map derived directly from genomic 
DNA rather than analysis of recombinants has been generated. 
2. In humans there are 24 physical maps for the autosomes plus X and Y. Types of 
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Detailed Lecture Outline
Structural Genomics
1. The advent of DNA sequencing techniques changed experimental biology, and
automation has enhanced the rate of change.
2. Genomics is the development and application of techniques for:
a. Mapping chromosomes.
b. Sequencing genomes.
c. Computational analysis of entire genomes.
3. Subfields of genomics are:
a. Structural genomics, the genetic and physical mapping and sequencing of
b. Functional genomics, comprehensive analysis of gene functions and of
nongene sequences in entire genomes.
c. Comparative genomics, comparison of entire genomes across species, looking
at functions and evolutionary relationships.
4. This section focuses on structural genetics, specifically genome sequencing.
Sequencing Genomes
1. Genome projects use two general approaches:
a. The mapping approach divides the genome into segments with genetic and
physical mapping, refines the map of each segment, and finally sequences the
b. A “shotgun” approach breaks the genome into random, overlapping fragments,
and sequences each fragment. Based on overlaps, the sequences are assembled
by computer. An advantage is that physical mapping is not required.
Genome Sequencing Using a Mapping Approach
1. Genetic and physical maps are made first to provide markers for sequencing.
Examples illustrate the logic of this approach in the human genome project.
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