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1. What is the importance of water?
Water plays a crucial role in our life and has a variety of applications. First of all, without water, we could
hardly survive. Our body is made up of above 70 percent water inside. Water is a wonderful treatment.
By using water with other chemicals, doctors find cure for diseases like vaccination. With water,
electricity is born as well. That is why most power plants are built near places full of water to make use
of this source to generate electricity. According to doctors as well, daily drinking of water is essential to
maintain a healthy body and wash out poisoning substances inside us
2. What is the importance of forest?
Forest is extremely useful. It is the lung of us, providing us with enough oxygen to survive. Besides, forest
helps produce many things from wood, paper and other materials in life. Environmentally speaking,
forest functions as a defense wall to prevent natural disasters like flood, soil erosion. In areas where
most of forests are destroyed, the extent of natural disasters is great. Animals see forest as their home to
nestle. Without forest, endangered species are dying out since it balances the living habit of animals.
3. Describe your favorite pair of shoes?
Shoes are necessary for us and walk us anywhere we want. One of the shoes pairs I fall in love were the
one given by my grandmother who gave me before she passed away. Since my family was so poor that I
could have nothing new to wear on the first day I went to school, my grandmother was sympathetic with
me and decided to use her last pennies to buy me this pair of shoes. Hence, I had something to show off
with my friends, to be proud of and to feel equal to them.
Besides, with this pair of shoes, I found myself running faster in physical education classes. I was always
the winner since I felt shoes fastened my speed amazingly. Perhaps, my mother empowered me and
inspired through this present. That is why my teacher chose me to become a representative to take part
in running race. Luckily, with this pair and love I felt from shoes, I obtained championship.
Hopefully, in the future, I could design shoes myself. I believe that these shoes should be ones having
both mental and physical power, bringing people a feeling of comfort, encouragement and light mind to
run as fast they can.
4. Should education be free for students?
This policy has both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, by following this policy...
1. What is the importance of water?
 !
2. What is the importance of forest?
3. Describe your favorite pair of shoes?
 %
4. Should educa*on be free for students?
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