Speaking topic: Love and Marriage

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Speaking topic:
Love and Marriage

Warm-up:Speak your mind!
 At what age did you fall in love? At high school, at university, or
after graduation?
 Did you get married to the first person you love?
 When did you get married?
 Tell us something about your husband/wife (what do you like about
him/her? What do you dislike?)

Do you think it is good for a young boy/girl to go on dating while in high school or at
university? How love may help them?

Do you think it is important for a person to date a lot of different people before choosing one
for marriage? Why?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why?

Do you think there can bemarriage when a manand awomanwho are not in love? Cansuch
marriagelast long?

Speaking topics: Love & Marriage (continued) +

Love and Marriage (continued)

Activity 2
Someyoung people now live together and have sexual relations before marriage.
What do you think about thissocial trend?
Usefulwords and expressions:


 What do you know about Vietnamese educational system?
 Which do you think is more effective in teaching method: teachercentered or learner-centered approach?

 Do you think “going to university” is the best choice?
 How important is English to Vietnamese educational system?

Speaking topic:
Love and Marriage
Speaking topic: Love and Marriage - Trang 2
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