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Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. Choose from the following:

in a rut
in cash
in charge of
in common
in due course
in favour of
in the limelight

in season
in short
in stock
in succession
in the dark
in one ear & out
in the long run

in the nick of
timein the redin
in tune
in turns
the other
in vain

01. I can’t think why they ever got married. They have absolutely nothing ___.
02. The inexperienced teacher tried ___ to control the unruly class. In the end she had to
call for the headmaster.
03. “Two tins of baked beans, please.” “I’m afraid we haven’t got any ___ at the moment.
But we should getting some more on Thursday.”
04. Last year was the third year ___ that they had come top of the football league.
05. The staff took it ___ to make afternoon coffee.
06. No one’s been told what’s going to happen at the conference yet. We’re all being kept
___ for some reason.
07. We got to the station ___. A second later and we’d have missed our connection.
08. It must be difficult being famous. Just imagine being ___ all the time; never being able
to go out without being recognised.
09. This is Mrs Brightwell. She’s ___ marketing.
10. Although I’ve been trying hard to pay back my bank loan, I’m still ___. In fact, I’ve
got to go and see my bank manager about it tomorrow.
11. Strawberries cost a lot at the moment because they’re not ___.
12. Thank you for attending the interview, Mr Blake. You’ll be hearing from us ___ –
probably at the end of next week.
13. Although I like teaching, I sometimes feel that I’m ___. I seem to be doing the same
thing all the time – the job is no longer challenging enough.
14. Are you sure your piano’s ___? It sounds terrible to me.
15. My Frank is tall, dark, handsome, has a marvellous job and is incredibly rich. ___ he’s
the perfect husband!
16. Hands up all those ___ capital punishment. Thank you. Now hands up all those
17. It costs $300 if you pay by credit card or $250 if you pay ___.
18. The law may be unpopular now, but I’m sure people will soon see how good it is for
the country and themselves ___.

19. It’s no use talking to Jane. She never listens. It’s a case of ___.
20. His idea sounded wonderful ___, but they never seemed to work out in practice.
Fill in the missing words in the sentences below. Choose from the following:

on account
on and off
on average
on board
on the

on principle
on purpose
on the cards
on the rock...
c) rubber
d) stale bread
07. You shouldn’t have frightened her like that. Poor thing! She went as white as ___!
a) a sheet
b) snow
c) milk
d) whitewash
08. Nothing ever seems to bother Colin. No matter what happens, he always remains as
cool as ___.
a) cold feet
b) ice-cream
c) a cucumber
d) an Eskimo
09. You’ll have to shout, I’m afraid. My father’s as deaf as ___.
a) a leaf
b) a post
c) a politician
d) a stone
10. It’s hard to believe Brian and Stephen are brothers, isn’t it? They’re as different as
a) Mars from Jupiter
b) milk from honey
c) chalk from cheese
d) margarine from butter
11. Although we had been told that the film was very exciting, both my wife and I found it
to be as dull as ___.
a) ditchwater
b) a don
c) a dungeon
d) a museum
12. Honestly, Pam, ever since I’ve given up smoking I feel as fit as ___!
a) a fighter
b) a fiddle
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