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learning english everyday
Speaking English Topics
1. your favourite entertainments in your free time
2. your idea of an interesting job
3. what do you think about the good job?
4. your favourite sport
5. what would you do if you were a rich person
6. advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city
7. what are the advantages and disadvantages of TV
8. the relationship between parents and their children
9. the traffic problems in your city and how to solve them
10.the advantages and disadvantages of working at the part time job while studying at the
11.our environment is being polluted day by day reasons
12.which do you thing is more valuable, health or wealth?
13.the career you would like to choose after leaving university
14.your life in ho chi minh city
15.your girl friend / boy friend you want
16.your life after you married
17.who is your best friend? tell me about him or her
18.advantages and disadvantages of internet nowadays
19.after you graduated, you want to find a job or you will have a business by yourself
20.what do you think about the relationship between money and love with your marriage?
21.economic in duc trong? how you have solution for people here to be rich?
22.poor people and rich people in HCM city? why? and solution
23.what is the factor making your success?
24.can you imagine the life in 2030? tell me
25.you married and have 2 children. but you and your husband/ wife is not good relation now. do
you want to divorce? yes or no? and why? do you think for your children?
26.you are an only child? you live with your parents, now you married but your wife/ husband is
not good relation with your parents. you are in between. how will you settle that matter?
27.how can you have good relationship with your collegue, your senior and your boss?
28.do you want to promote your job? but can you do that? and how?
29.when will you finish your studying?
30.what do you think about the teamwork skill in vietnam? compare with other country? and give
some solution to solve it?
31.how to improve your english skills?
32.english for your job, nowadays
33.do you want to learn more another foreign language, except english? what and why?
34.do you want to work abroad? how can and why?
35.can you work a job not related to your major? why and how?
36.what is the good behavior with people around you?
37.do you think alcohol/ beer/ wine is good for you job/ business?
38.after you graduated, you will live and work at your hometown or in the big city? where and
39.do you have solution to develop economic in vietnam?
40.can you become a rich people if you study not good?
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