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Today I would like to tell you something about my trip.
This summer, I will come back to my hometown. It’s Nghe An province.
To have a good trip, I will prepare something such as money, luggage, some
I will go with my friends by plane. It maybe takes me about 2 hours.
When I get there, I will go home first to meet my family because I miss them
so much.
After that, I will go to Cua Lo beach with my friends because It’s cool and
Finally, I will go back in September to go to school.
That’s all. Thank you for your listening. 
-----------------------------------------------------Questions and answers:
1.Where is your home town?  It’s Nghe An provice.
( hoặc Where will you go/travel?  I will go/travel to Nghe An provice.)
2. Who will you go/travel with?  I will travel by myself.
3. Will you prepare something for a trip? yes,
I will prepare money, luggage,
some gifts…
4. How will you go/get there?  I will go/get there by plane.
5. How long will it take you to go/get there?  It will take me about 2 hours.
6. When you get there, what will you do?  I will come home to meet my
family and go to Cua Lo beach with my friends.
7. When will you come back to HCM city?  I will come back in September.

Food And Health
Today, I would like to tell you something about food and health.
Health is extremely important for everyone so many people say “Health is
gold”. To have a good health , you must have a resonable diet. Besides, you
have to do exercise, work and sleep on time every day.
You should have breakfast because It’s very nessesary. Of course, Beer, wine
and cigarettes are harmful for your health so you shouldn’t use them too
I have 3 meals a day. And lunch is my main meal because I can eat anything I
I often eat fish, vegetables and drink tea. However, I don’t like to eat meat
because It maybe makes me fatter. I think so.
That’s all. Thank you for your listening. 
-------------------------------------------------Questions and answers:
1.What do you do to have a good health?  I do exercise, have a reasonable
diet, work and sleep on time.
2.What should you do when you get sick?  I will go to hospital and take
3.How many meals do you have a day? What is main?  I have 3 meals a day
and Lunch is the main meal.
4.What shoud you do if you get fatter?  I will do exercise and I won’t eat
much meat, fish and rice.
5.What food do you like?  I like fruits, especially berries.

Schooling And Future Careers
Today I wo...
 !
"# 
$% 
& 
 
Quesons and answers*
1" ,
$% 
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