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Dictionary of Transport and Logistics


Dictionary of Transport and Logistics
Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms

David Lowe

First published in 2002
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Kogan Page
120 Pentonville Road
London N1 9JN
© David Lowe, 2002
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could handle with competence (was it a twin-steer, tri-axle, fifth-wheel
bogie with a demountable, range-change, dolly gearbox? Or was it just a
3-ton bread van?). From this the idea developed that many people may
wish to have a ready source of reference to such terms and many others,
hence this book.
In compiling the text I have racked my brain and searched wide for
suitable material but it is inevitable that some terms and abbreviations will
have escaped the net, possibly even simple everyday ones. If this is the
case, I would welcome hearing about them for inclusion in any future
edition. Also to be noted is that many of the words or terms included have
a number of meanings or other uses; here they have been defined only in
the context of their usage in transport and logistics operations, leaving
aside any other meanings or application they may have.
Generally, the masculine pronoun has been used in this book to avoid
cumbersome language and to save space. No discrimination, prejudice or
bias is intended by this. I fully recognize the key role played by the many
female LGV drivers, staff, managers and senior executives in transport
and logistics.


In this dictionary

The terms, abbreviations and acronyms included herein cover...
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