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Religious and Cultural Conflict of
Rakhineand Rohingya
In Myanmar
ID No: 111100101

Where the conflict is happening??

Components of the

They are Muslims originallycomes from India and Bangladesh.
-migrated to Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and some other Muslim
dominant countries.
-Speak Rohingya and Bengali Language.
-around 800,000 Rohingya live inRakhine.
-UN named them as the most persecutedminorityin the world…

Kaman people are the same withRakhineBuddhist and live
inRakhinesince Myanmar Kingdom foundRakhinestate, but they are
-speak onlyRakhinelanguage…
Theyhave the rights of the freedom and peace to live in Myanmar
because according to 1982 Citizenship Law, they have
beenclasifiedas thecitizensof Myanmar

-Burmese people.
-indigenouslyliveinRakhinesince Myanmar Kingdom founded that
Rohingya also can speak the sameascentwithRakhine…

-Myanmar Government also involved in the conflict.
-in the side ofRakhineBuddhists.
-the Government made the 1982 Citizenship law which is
impossible for the Rohingya to get the citizenship and to be
branded as illegal immigrants…
Note- the government can’t control the situation inRakhine

-Media inMynamaralso participate as a part of crisis tanker against
-makingfakepostsand photos (internet, Journals, Newspaper, and
other media) that portray to let the global society see how
Rohingya has offended the Buddhist societies inRakhinein recent
-some outsiders still believe these things while the Rohingya are
being oppressed by theRakhineBuddhist as well as the

How the conflictstart
A rape and murder of
aRakhineBuddhist woman by three


It transforms from a racist and inhumane type of conflict into
the religious conflict…


The crime of these three Rohingya victimizers could have been
solved by the Judgment and Law.


But different perceptions and over-generalization of
theRakhineBuddhists have cost death of many innocents lives
and lossof assetsof Rohingya Muslims…


-the conflict stated in June 2012.


-itis still happeningnow.


-theRakhineBuddhists has razed the houses and mosques.


-not only the Rohingya inRakhinebut also the Muslims who
lives near theRakhinestate have suffered of terrorism of both
the Government and the Buddhists.

In cultural and social point ofview:
-both societies have lost impression from each side.
-Buddhists does not accept...
ID No: 111100101
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