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Praise for

Your Writing Coach
“With compassion, wit and the wisdom gleaned from a long and
successful writing career, Jurgen Wolff guides you, step by step, on
the inner and outer journey to writing success. An invaluable tool
for the aspiring writer.”
Robert Cochran, co-creator and executive producer, 24
“Your Writing Coach pays as much attention to writers as to what
they write and should help seasoned pros as much as it will help
beginners. Jurgen Wolff is wise and constructive when it comes to
such issues as fear of failure, your inner critic, and rejection, as
well as brainstorming and finding the conditions in which to
work. Highly recommended.”
Julian Friedmann, writer’s agent, Blake Friedmann,
and editor, ScriptWriter magazine
“This book is the real deal—no fluff or padding, just concentrated
insider knowledge. By far the best book on writing I have read.”
Rupert Widdicombe, writer and journalist
“This book is an antidote to the bad advice aspiring writers are
often given. There are only two books on writing I recommend—
Stephen King's and this one.”
William F. Owen, author of Blackfoot Is Missing
“This book will help you find the insights of the writing craft. Pick
it up and let it guide you to success.”
Xavier Koller, Academy Award-winning director,
Journey of Hope
“Jurgen Wolff demystifies the writing process in a series of easy-

to-understand steps guaranteed to make you a better writer.”
Phil Doran, author of the bestselling The Reluctant Tuscan

Dedicated to you
and your success as a writer
First published by
Nicholas Brealey Publishing in 2007
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Wolff, Jurgen, 1956Your writing coach : from concept to character, from pitch to
publication; everything you need to know about writing novels, nonfiction, new media, scripts, and short stories / Jurgen Wolff.
p. cm.
ISBN-13: 978-1-85788-367-1
ISBN-10: 1-85788-367-5
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