Agroforestry - A global land use

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Agroforestry a global land use

World Agroforestry Centre
Annual Report 2008-2009
World Agroforestry Centre Annual Report


a global land use
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World Agroforestry Centre. 2009. Annual Report 2008-2009: Agroforestry - a global land use.
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Photo: Stevie Mann

Our Vision

Message from the Chair and Director General
Research Highlights	



is a rural transformation in the
developing world where smallholder households
strategically increase their use of trees in agricultural
landscapes to improve their food security, nutrition,
income, health, shelter, energy resources and
environmental sustainability.

Our Mission is to generate science-based

A major land use – the proof			


On the world stage				


Tackling climate change through agroforestry	


Fruits for a better future			


A green salvation for poor farmers?		


Solving Africa’s soil crisis			


Cracking the market conundrum		


•	 Creativity

Scaling up					


Our Focus We pay particular emphasis to four

The power of partnerships			




knowledge about the diverse roles that trees play in
agricultural landscapes and to use our research to
advance policies and practices that benefit the poor and
the e...