Oracle BOM Suite 11g developer's cookbook

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Oracle BPM Suite 11g
Developer's Cookbook
Over 80 advanced recipes to develop rich, interactive
business processes using the Oracle Business
Process Management Suite

Vivek Acharya


Oracle BPM Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook
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First published: April 2012

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Vivek Acharya
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About the Author
Vivek Acharya is an Oracle Consultant currently working as a professional freelancer. He
has been in the design, development, consulting, and the Architect world for approximately
seven years while working in Oracle Practice at GE, IBM, and HP. He is an Oracle Certified
Expert as an Oracle Fusion-SOA 11g Implementation specialist and an Oracle-BPM 11g
Implementation Specialist.
He has experience and expertise in Oracle Fusion - SOA, BPM, Webcenter, Spaces,
BAM, Mediator, B2B, BI, AIA, WebLogic, Workflow, Rules, Webcenter, ECM, IDM, Oracle
Fusion Applicaitons, SaaS, OnDemand...