World Agroforestry into the Future

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World Agroforestry
into the Future

World Agroforestry into the Future

Dennis Garrity, Antonia Okono,
Michelle Grayson and Sue Parrott



Garrity, D., A. Okono, M. Grayson and S. Parrott, eds. 2006. World Agroforestry into the Future.
Nairobi: World Agroforesty Centre.
ISBN 92 9059 184 6

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Agroforestry and the Future
Chapter 1.

Science-based agroforestry and the achievement
of the Millennium Development Goals


Dennis Garrity

Trees and Markets
Chapter 2.

Trees and markets for agroforestry tree products: Targeting
poverty reduction and enhanced livelihoods


Roger Leakey, Zac Tchoundjeu, Kate Schreckenberg, Tony Simons,
Sheona Shackleton, Myles Mander, Rachel Wynberg, Charlie
Shackleton and Caroline Sullivan

Chapter 3.

The future of perennial tree crops: What role for agroforestry?


Hubert Omont, Dominique Nicolas and Diane Russell

Chapter 4.

Trees and Markets: Working Group Report


Confronting land degradation in Africa: Challenges for
the next decade


Land and People
Chapter 5.

M.J. Swift, Ann Stroud, Keith Shepherd, Alain Albrecht,
André Bationo, Paramu Mafongoya, Frank Place, Thomas P. Tomich,
Bernard Vanlauwe, Louis V. Verchot and Markus Walsh

Chapter 6.

Agroforestry innovations for soil fertility management in
sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects and challenges ahead


Bashir Jama, Freddie Kwesiga and Amadou Niang

Chapter 7.

Scaling up the impact of agroforestry: Lessons from three sites
in Africa and Asia


S. Franzel, G.L. Denning, J-P. Lillesø-Barnekow and A.R. Mercado Jr

Chapter 8.

Policies for improved land management in smallholder