Appraisal of real estate

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The Appraisal
of Real Estate

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the Appraisal Institute:

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and Highest and Best Use
Scope of Work
The Student Handbook to The Appraisal of Real Estate

The Appraisal
of Real Estate


th Edition

Appraisal Institute • 200 W. Madison • Suite 1500 • Chicago, IL 60606 • 
The Appraisal Institute advances global standards, methodologies, and practices through the
professional development of property economics worldwide.


Chief Executive Officer:	Frederick H. Grubbe
Director of Communications:	Ken Chitester
Senior Manager, Publications:	Stephanie Shea-Joyce
Senior Book Editor/Technical Writer:	Michael McKinley
Technical Book Editor:	Emily Ruzich
Manager, Book Design/Production:	Michael Landis

For Educational Purposes Only
The materials presented in this text represent the opinions and views of
the developers and reviewers. Although these materials may have been
reviewed by members of the Appraisal Institute, the views and opinions
expressed herein are not endorsed or approved by the Appraisal Institute
as policy unless adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to the Bylaws
of the Appraisal Institute. While substantial care has been taken to provide
accurate and current data and information, the Appraisal Institute does
not warrant the accuracy or timeliness of the data and information contained herein. Further, any principles and conclusions presented in this
publication are subject to court decisions and to local, state and federal
laws and regulations and any revisions of such laws and regulations.
This book is sold for educational and informational purposes only with
the understanding that the Appraisal Institute is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or services. Nothing in
these materials is to be construed as the offering of such advice or services. If expert advice or services are required, readers are responsible
for obtaining such advice or services from appropriate professionals.
Nondiscrimination Policy
The Appraisal Institute advocates equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in the appraisal profession and conducts its activities in accordance with applicable federal, stat...
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