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February 28, 2001

E-payment s
Condit ions
- Moder n banking syst ems
- Businesses are connect ed t o int er net , t o banks
- Legal framework (laws, decree, e-UCP...)
- Secur it y infrast r uct ure for online payment s
- Purchase habit s, business cult ure

Cur rent st at us of banking syst em
- 1998, World Bank project “Moder nizing t he banking
ans payment syst em in Viet nam”
- Six major commer cial banks complet ed in 2003
+ Viet combank, Techcombank, Agr iBank, I DB, Exim Bank,
Mar ine Bank

- I mplement ed SWI FT (Societ y of Worldwide
I nt erbank Financial Transact ions www.swift .com)
- ATM syst ems
- I nt er net Banking

Some bar r iers t o e-payment
- Legal values of elect r onic-document s in finanace, banking

- Sucur it y infrast r ut ure, especially “comsumer ’s
prot ect ion”
- Promot e e-payment ser vices t o each businesses
- 2006: t r ial process

Det ails: Repor t VN’s Ecommerce st at us
www.mot .gov.vn ; www.ft u.edu.vn

E-payment s
Tools: Payment car d
- Credit car d: since 1996, 10 major banks, 2004:
125.000 cards, increase rat e 49%/year
- Debit card: since 2002, 15 major banks, 760.000
cards, debit , small payment s, money t ransfer...
10.000 card accept ance point s, 800 ATMs
- Purchase card: Viet Travel, Saigon Tour ist ,
Cit ymar t , www.golmar t .com.vn ...

James A. O’Brien

Introduction to Information Systems

Eleventh Edition


e-Commerce Success Factors

Selection & Value
Performance & Service
Look & Feel


Advertising & Incentives

Some Key
for Success
in E-commerce

Personal Attention


Community Relationships


Security & Reliability

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Quest ions & Answer s

February 28, 2001
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