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There are many excellent text books on Banking written by well known British and American
writers. However, none of these can claim to cover the entire course of study prescribed by
the Indian Universities. Moreover, most of these books are above the understanding of an
average Indian student of Commerce and Economics. The present book is a humble effort
in this direction.
On account of the growing importance of the banking industry, most of the Indian
Universities have introduced a special paper on Banking for their degree students. The
present volume has been made to cover the syllabi of B.Com., B.B.M., M.B.A., M.Com., M.A.,
L.L.B., etc. In addition, I hope, it will also be of benefit to candidates appearing for various
competitive examinations such as I.A.S., I.E.S., C.A., N.E.T., and I.I.B. examinations. The
present volume contains 19 chapters devoted mainly to the study of Commercial Banks,
Central Bank, Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, Money and Capital Markets,
Indian Banking Systems, Banker and Customer Relationship, Operation of Bank Accounts,
Collection and Payment of Cheques, Loans and Advances, Types of Securities, Modes of
Creating Charge, Guarantee, Letter of Credit, Accounts and Audit of Banks. The last chapter
contains multiple choice and short-type questions for the benefit of the candidates who want
a deeper insight into Banking.
While preparing this book, I have collected the relevant material from government
publications, published and unpublished sources, books, journals and articles by eminent
scholars. My Principal, colleagues and friends have offered me valuable suggestions in the
preparation of the manuscript. My sincere thanks are due to all of them.
I have...
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