Explore ATM usage habit of IBD students

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Explore ATM usage habit of IBD students
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1. Background
Nowadays, there’re many equipments which have been invented in order to make
people a comfortable life, one of them is ATM machine – one of the greatest inventions
of 20 century. At first, we should understand “What does the word ATM means?’. In
Wikipedia, it is indicated that “ ATM is abbreviation of automated teller machine". With
this machine we can access our bank account , in order to make cash withdrawal or
simply purchase pre-paid mobile phone by ourselves . Until now there are still
arguments of the inventor of this machine but this machine Barclay Bank of London in
Trading on ATM has become quite popular in the world and in Viet Nam, there has
been considerable growth of this market. Many domestic and foreign banks are
opened in Viet Nam and these banks always have preferential regulations for
students especially for whose financial resources is still depended on parents. ATM
card is not only a means of withdrawal but also a multi-purpose means, helping users
approach many trading services via banking card. Some card's basic services provide
to customers such as: transfer, bill payment, goods payment, shopping online,
receving salary via bank account, insurance...Moreover, banks also develop separate
programs with own brands ATM, for example, sale when buying goods, ticket
flight...,and payment services which apply high technology ( eg: Homebanking
services, internet banking, mobile banking...) in order to escalate number of
According to State bank of Viet Nam as of 2012, approximately 40 millions ATM card
were realeased. In contrast, despite the banks having a high rate customer, over 30%
of the total card weren’t used and became “wasting card”. The fact that habit of using

cash has been ingrained in the mind of Vietnamese so the ...
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